Getting Tradeshow ROI Results

Written by Barry Brenner, August 2005

Are you satisfied with the return on your trade show investment? Today's trade show climate is more challenging than ever.

Considering the cost of travel and lodging and all of the required booth amentities, from your trade show displays and graphics, to the lead retrieval system and promotional give-aways, how do you maximize the return on your investment?

Business Services For U, Inc., has been helping trade show exhibitors all across America for over fifteen years with all of the basic necessities for successful exhibiting. However, what separates us from the rest of the pack is our attitude and dedication to service. If you check out our web site,, you will see that "We're bullish on good service!"

What does that mean for you and your tradeshow return on investment? It means that if the people who work at your booth are not doing an adequate job, then you probably shouldn't look for any return on your investment. You would be lucky to break even.

What constitutes an adequate job? Nothing complex. Your company and booth could look like the Rolls Royce‚ of exhibitors at your show. There is only one key element that will separate you from the rest of the exhibitors. Attitude!

How many times have you gone shopping and been turned off by the sales clerk because of their attitude? How many times have you been on the telephone with a customer service representative and not received the service and attention you deserved?

Do you want attendees coming to your booth and being turned off? I don't think so.

You know what they say about first impressions. At Business Services For U, Inc., attitude and first impressions is king! Why? Because any successful sales person will tell you, you are really selling yourself. I believe that is why eighty percent of the sales are made by twenty percent of the sales people.

Would you spend the time and effort to go to an introductory meeting with a prospective client and not put your best foot forward? Every attendee that stops anywhere near or in front of your booth is a prospective client. Smile. Be professional and courteous. Act interested. Build that relationship from the first opportunity. Remember, they came to the show to see you.

Ask the right questions, and you will easily qualify each and every prospect. And more than likely increase the return on your investment.

Barry Brenner is a ten-year veteran tradeshow consultant and event planner that works with any size business that is involved in exhibiting at trade shows or hosting company events. Look us over at

"We're bullish on good service!"

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