"get your booth space for less"

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If you use trade shows to market your product or service, you probably have several shows a year that you must attend. For those shows, register early. Ask the event manager if they will tell you what spaces are available, and if you can pick your space. Try to pick a space in the main hall, and closer to the main walkways where there is more traffic. As in real estate, the key is location, location, location. The earlier you register, the better location potential you have.

If after locking in your main must-attend shows for the year, you still have some budget left over, here's a tip my company used to attend several secondary shows for less. Pick several secondary show (more than you can attend anyways), and contact them only a month or so before the show. Ask the event manager if they have any left over spaces that they can cut you a deal on. We often saved 50 to 75% off the booth rental space by using this technique. One caveat... only use this technique on shows that you don't have to attend, only use it if you are already prepared for a show (brochures, graphics, available time, trade show displays etc.), and make sure that the bargain space's location is worth it.

Another way to save on space is to ask if there are any odd-shaped spaces (perhaps only 8 ft deep instead of 10 feet) that you can get for a deal. Again, evaluate if the space still works for your booth, and if the location is acceptable.

We found it always pays to ask for a discount... booth space has a notorious mark-up and there is usually room for negotiation. But on the flip side, don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Spend what it takes to make your trade show exhibit a success.